The Word We Don’t Want to Discuss… #FAIL

The last thing a potential client wants to bring to the table when we are being interviewed as a resource to achieve their branding goals is:  prior product failure.

It is never fun to bring up all the items DIDN’T work.

While it is of critical importance to work within budget, we may need to consider product quality and the value of customer adoption for these products when our funds are limited. Buying on price alone may result in final product that could actual cause damage to the brand.

Have you experienced the “bargain” fridge magnet that slides lazily to the floor under the weight of a child’s photo. Few things are more frustrating than a pen that writes in fits and spurts, and the newest version of pen failure may be achieved in purchasing the lowest cost, “trendy” stylus tip that actually gets in the way of the ballpoint. #FAIL

This is not your moment.

Has your procurement team ever defaulted to the cheapest water bottle (with a leaky lid), or the coffee mug with a handle that was not meant to be “removable”. Maybe you have seen the multi-tool that has the potential to cause physical harm . . .

These are not your moments!

Can $0.15 – o.50 per pen  be the difference between creating engagement and achieving brand goals? . . . Do you want to roll the dice? You might get lucky! Or is there the real(ized) chance these attempts at savvy spending could result in another ineffective product you literally cannot give away!

Choose wisely! If you wouldn’t hire the cheapest accountant to represent your business, then you might want to develop a relationship with a brand partner that will ensure that your valuable budgets are invested in products that are on message, create engagement through extended use and have the bigger picture potential to build brand love.

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Extend your brand beyond the booth!

Extend your brand beyond the booth!

Trade shows are the perfect opportunity for businesses to introduce themselves to potential customers. There’s a slew of attendees just waiting to be introduced to your product or service! Turn leads from these jam-packed events into valuable contacts by gifting branded merchandise.

Trade show giveaways are a vital element to any successful show. Convention gifts or trade show ‘schwag’ will show your current clients you value their business, and build awareness of your product or service for prospective clients. With so many booths, branded merchandise can help your company increase visibility among the trade show flurry!

Tradeshow Staples: Giveaways could be as simple as a tote bag or a lanyard, to something more advanced such as a USB drive or a talking “easy button”. 

Add Value: Gift a banner pen with a schedule of the conference events, which customers can refer to throughout the event!

Blow Away the Competition: Full-color trade show graphics, bright displays, and table covers are sure to make your booth pop! (We will even demonstrate how easy they are to set-up!)

Unique Merchandise:  Innovative and unique products also can help your company stand out. Something new or different will pique consumer interest and improve chances they will share your giveaway with colleagues and family. Items like the magic puzzle ring, tangle toy, or a perpetual calendar will definitely attract attention.


Extend your brand reach beyond the booth, and make your brand memorable!

Be sure to check out these upcoming trade shows, conferences, and expos!


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American Heart Month

Cupids, crimson and…cardiovascular…? That’s right!  

Not only is February the month for love, but it is also American Heart month. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, and it is a major cause of disability. Coronary heart disease, which often appears as a heart attack, is the most common heart disease in the United States. (CDC)

Give your heart some love this month by, eating right, getting regular exercise and complement your efforts with heart-friendly products that make working out fun! Clinics, medical offices and health nuts might enjoy customized jump ropes or giving away pedometers to track your progress.

Show your support for this cause by sporting red and heart-shaped gear!  Here are a few items that can be customize and generate awareness… heart candlesanatomical heart stress relieverheart-shaped USB, and this unique keepsake, a beautiful silver heart bookmark.

If your company is sponsoring a Wellness campaign, your might consider higher value gift to recognize top performers. We heart the  heart digital photo frame or check out the “Think Red” pocket calendar, which provides up-to-date information on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. This item also works as a planner with room for appointments and notes.

Two powerful national campaigns, Think Red and Go Red For Women encourage awareness of heart disease among women and heart disease. They also encourage action to save more lives.

Show your support for the cause with the iconic red dress symbol; wear it as a pendentlapel pin, or key chain!

Since, February is the month for love we couldn’t forget about a little chocolate! Check out these personalized chocolate bars, and adorable Belgium chocolate lollipops!

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Oh the weather outside is frightful but these winter products are so delightful!

As the snow starts to fly, everyone is gearing up for winter. Help your clients prepare for cooler temperatures with heart-warming gifts…

It may be cold outside, but the winter season offers hot opportunities to connect with customers through branded merchandise.

– Affordable, wallet-sized ice scrapers with your logo. Easy to mail!

– Be the first thing they reach for in the morning with classy travel mugs. Perfect for early morning meetings!

– Warm their hearts with quality outerwear. Keep clients snug as a bug in an embroidered coat or jacket!

– Top it off with embroidered beanies or fleece hats and scarves. Did you know: we produce custom embroidered and printed apparel in-house?

Touch screen gloves: What is more important than keeping your fingers warm? Why, being able to stay connected via your mobile phone… wink, wink! These gloves allow you to operate any touch screen device from posting photos of the kids playing hockey to checking email on the go.

–  Faux Fur Blanket: Soft, cozy and super luxe, this blanket will keep your employees cozy at home.

Clients, prospects, employees or donors and organization members will welcome these cool winter gifts with a warm reception.

Don’t forget about custom printed hand-warmers, soothing lip balms, convenient flashlights for car safety or clever keychain thermometers and Zipper pulls to check those chilly temps!

These products are sure to warm up prospects! Winter promotional gifts from PromoWest will help make your next cold-weather event or winter marketing campaign a huge success!

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Exercise the power of your brand

It is the end of another year, and this is the time we take inventory personally and professionally. We make resolutions and set goals, start diets and purchase gym memberships…

An excellent means for goal achievement is having the right tools for the job! Research shows that almost 50% of American adults make a New Year’s resolution each year and more then 80% of those resolutions fail. (The Guardian, 2009) Help your customers succeed with these helpful products, which will help them achieve their goals into the New Year!

Exercise the power of your brand with promotional items that convey a positive message!

Digital Jump Rope: Remember that along with diet, it’s also very important to exercise. Jumping rope is a great cardio workout, and its fun!

Pill Box:  Taking a daily multi-vitamin will give you all the nutrients your body is lacking and increase your daily energy level.

Fitness Journal:  Keep track of your daily exercise progress and caloric intake in a journal.

Pedometer: Walking is a great way to incorporate exercise in your everyday routine.


Branded merchandise can be a tool to encourage wellness with fitness equipment like, embossed yoga mats, printed water bottles and travel-friendly fitness kits. Help ’em get an jump start on a healthy 2013!

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Calendars: a timeless marketing tool or desk art!?!

A key, common marketing tool for brand awareness is:  the calendar. But let’s have a little fun with this staple product in the branded merchandise toy chest…While wall calendars and paper desk calendars are obvious and affordable, what if we were to reconsider this old school tool and step into 2013 with perpetual calendars or objects that track the date but are more like desk art!

Are you referencing a calendar daily in your home or work space? While we have moved toward electronic calendars, there is something about the written commitment that helps people connect from when they will work out to making time for meetings and appointments. As a result, it is not difficult to understand why these products have earned a respected space in the world of advertising.

If you walked into your clients office and asked to purchase 2 sq’ of real estate within 5 feet of their desk, they would look at you like you were crazy! Those 2 sq’ would be expensive, as this is very valuable space. However, give them a gift, and the space is yours at NO cost, and working hard in your company’s interests.

You can even infuse creative elements into promotional calendars by developing a yearlong theme that highlights your company’s products and services. Every month can feature a message or image that will remind clients why and how much they value your company as a resource.

In one study*, 85% of individuals who received calendars do business with the firm advertised on the calendar and company’s that gifted calendars saw a 5% increase in business with calendar recipients. That is good news going into a new year!

These statistics demonstrate that sending existing and prospective customers custom calendars, desk calendars, wall calendars, perpetual calendars, or magnet calendars will almost guarantee your company more business.

While the electronic calendar keeps us on track, the wall calendar still stands as an office staple. Who knew that the average household uses an up to 4 calendars per home and employees have access to 2.5 calendars at all times.

Draw attention to your business by simply incorporating promotional calendars into your marketing program. Calendars generate top of mind awareness because they really work!

* Study made by PPAI
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Company Gifts Spread Holiday Cheer!

Promotional gifts are a great way to build brand love with your employees and your customers this holiday season. These are the final weeks of the year, and it is a great time to say “Thanks!”
It is always key to pause and thank the people that make your business a success. Make sure you make time to recognize them individually, in a group, through email or at an event. Your employees will appreciate your effort to say “thanks for a job well done!”

Company branded gift are a pleasant reminder long after the special moment of thanks. Employee recognition gifts can be as simple as inexpensive and fun desk accessories that will be displayed or played with with pride! Or they can range from fun games that can be played with friends to a neck warming, branded scarf or a cozy company fleece that will get worn while they are with family during the holidays and on weekends.

Promotional gifts during the holidays are a great complement to your company’s annual marketing effort. Company branded promotional gifts can range from beautiful, custom etched bottles of wine or branded travel mug and thermos sets to smaller items that won’t max your marketing budget! Calendars will keep you top-of-mind with your customer all year long, while holiday cards are highly personal and hang around the office well into the new year!

Private label food gifts are great for sharing! Maybe you prefer that your company’s holiday gift can be easily shared with an entire office or the whole family… In that case let’s consider almonds, peanuts, pistachios, popcorn or even wasabi peas, any of these products are a festive addition to holiday celebrations, and they can all be custom packaged with your company brand.

Don’t leave their stockings empty because you started too late! Santa’s helpers are extremely busy this time of year and rush considerations can start to add up and affect your gift giving budget. PromoWest can help you choose company branded gifts that fit their lifestyles, follow retail trends and arrive in time for the holidays or your company party!

Build Brand Love.

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Back to School

The lazy, hazy days of summer are upon us, which means we are getting close to…Back to School.

Bozeman has a population of around 40,000 residents, with Montana State University students consisting of more than 14,000!   Make your business memorable with this key demographic when you provide anything from neon highlighters, to chic travel mugs and water bottles, and even affordable lanyards and key chains. This could be a worthy investment!  We have a cool collection of products to prep your students for Back to School season:

  • Never lose a paper again with convenient USB drives, available in a wide array of styles, shapes and memory capacity!

Check out these important upcoming student and community events!

Catapalooza– Help welcomes new and returning students and families to Montana State University! August 22, 23, 24, 2012: 10 AM – 3 PM

The 5th annual Cat Kick-Off Party– Tuesday, Aug. 28, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Bobcat Stadium.

Faculty and Staff Welcome Back Picnic-President Cruzado will host the annual Faculty and Staff Welcome Back Picnic Wednesday, Aug. 29, from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. on the lawn south of Hannon Hall.


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THINK PINK! Get ready for October…

Breast Cancer Awareness month was started with the aim to promote mammography as the most effective weapon in the fight against breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Month is one of the most recognized causes on an international scale. With 1 in 8 women diagnosed, almost everyone one of us will know someone who will be affected by Breast Cancer.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Coffee shops may donate a portion of a special pink travel mug to the cause or businesses may support their staff in team events hosted by:  Susan G Koman, The National Breast Cancer Foundation, or many local organizations. Help raise awareness through fun pink giveaways that align their brand with their customers’ interests.

By participating in awareness programs, you will contribute to a cause that has changed the way the world views breast cancer. You can make a difference as you celebrate survivorship; honor those who have lost their battle, and most importantly, raise funds and awareness for the fight against this life threatening disease. Join the fight where you live, work and play. (

THINK PINK! Start planning how your business can support the cause this October. Start encouraging your staff to get into shape for a race or promote awareness with a product that will allow your business to make a contribution to the cause!

We love products that are functional, create connection and have an impact! Versatile head wraps and Buffs are a fun fit from motorcyclists and anglers to survivors!   Check out items that celebrate the pink ribbon, from silicon cause bracelets, totes, travel mugs, and team T-shirts. Raise money for research, raise awareness and support those we know who are touched by this life changing experience.


Have fun and support a friend who is going to Bitch Slap cancer! 50% of profits of this card go to Young Survival Coalition


And remember… “A feel a day keeps the doctor away!”



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